Can I come see the dresses in real life?

Yes, you can. The address is Gorazdova 9, Prague 2.

Do I have to book an appointment?

Yes, you do for both wedding and evening dress fittings. You can book your appointment via contact form, by telephone, direct message on Instagram or Facebook

 Is there any fee for the appointment?

Wedding dress trial is charged with 400 CZK fee. Evening dress trial is free of charge.

Can I cancel the appointment?

Yes, you can, just keep in mind that the sooner you let us know (by phone or e-mail), the better.

How long in advance is it recommended to come for dress trial/reservation?

The sooner, the better! The sooner you come, the bigger selection you have available and what is more, you can quickly check your wedding dress off the list. The same goes for evening dresses, though.

What should I bring with me for the appointment?

In fact, you do not need anything special. But if you already have your wedding/evening shoes (or shoes with similar heel height) picked, make sure to bring them with you. It also helps if you wear suitable underwear. However, you do not have to stress over the shoes too much, we have several pairs available in the boutique.

Which dress sizes are available in your boutique?

Our dresses are available in sizes 34-44. However, we also offer made to fit dresses in cooperation with czech designers.

Can I rent some accessories too?

Yes, we have purses, jewellery and veils available at the boutique. In case of wedding veils, we offer an option to have them custom made according to bride’s individual needs.

For how long can I rent the dress?

Generally, we will rent you the dress for 3-5 days (Friday to Monday). In case you need it on a different day, we are more than happy to find an individual solution for you.

Is there any chance that my dress could be re-adjusted after the reservation is done?

Yes, basic tailoring service it already included in the rental price.

What does the rental price include?

The price includes the dress rental in your desired date (usually for 3-5 days), cleaning and minor tailoring.

Why is there a refundable deposit?

A refundable deposit works as a form of insurance that is applicable in case the customer does not return the dress or she causes more serious damage to the dress. It is necessary to pay the amount when picking up the dress and it is refundable no sooner than on the day of the returning. The sum is 7000 CZK in case of a wedding dress and 4000 CZK for an evening dress. You can pay in cash or by card.

How much is the reservation fee?

After the reservation is done, you will be charged 1000 CZK if you choose an evening dress or 6000 CZK if you choose a wedding dress. The amount of the reservation fee will be later subtracted from the cost of the rental fee.

What if the last day of my rental comes up on Sunday?

You can return it on Monday without any additional fee.

What do I do if I cause more serious damage to my dress or if I destroy it completely?

The best thing you can do is to let us know as soon as possible and together we will find the most suitable solution.